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Key Technologies

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Active Arming
Gives users the option to arm the system from the remote when needed. Personal choice, just like the light switch on the wall, lets you turn it on or off as desired. See Passive Arming
Automatic Engine Disable
Automatic Engine Disable (AED) is designed to protect the vehicle from being stolen at all times, regardless of whether or not the alarm is armed. If AED is programmed on, the starter of the vehicle will be disabled 30 seconds after the ignition is turned off. To start the car, simply disarm the system with the transmitter.
Auxiliary Channel 2
Auxiliary Channel 2 is activated by holding down Button 2 for three seconds and can be used to control expansion features such as remote trunk release, windows open/close, gas cap or remote-start other vehicle.
Directed was first with the Innovations Award-winning Bitwriter, which puts more of you and your choices into every customized ESP system.
Clone Safe Code-Hopping
Clone Safe Code-Hopping is Directed's advanced form of 66-bit encryption, providing absolute immunity from Code Grabbers, (illegal devices that intercept and rebroadcast radio frequency signals). Another way of saying 66-bit is 2 to the 66th power, which is 18 quintilion - an 18 followed by 18 zeros. That's how many rolling codes Directed Code-Hopping systems have!
Customize Your Remote
ESP systems let you dedicate transmitter buttons to a single function, making the system easy to use and easy to understand. Freedom of choice, flexibility, and open systems.
Domelight Supervision
Illuminates the car's interior when disarming, making it easier to look inside the vehicle before getting in. Flashes the domelight during the alarm mode as an added deterrent, providing convenience and peace of mind.
ESP Owner Recognition
Systems with ESP recognize you and your preferences, and configure system features the way you want them, programmable with the Bitwriter. Please discuss with your installer.
Failsafe Starter Kill
The vehicle's starter solenoid will remain connected unless a thief attempts to hot-wire the ignition switch. Failsafe Starter Kill keeps the vehicle where you parked it: No unauthorized user can operate your vehicle once you've armed it, even with your key. Failsafe = peace-of-mind.
Flex Channel
Another great ESP feature: an extra channel you can configure any way you want! Useit for headlights, remote control windows, or remote start! You name it, with ESP Flex-Channel you can remote control it! Please discuss with your installer - additional labor may be required for optional remote control conveniences.
Forced Passive Arming
The next level of passive arming. Forced Passive Arming ensures that even if you leave your car door open, the system will arm and bypass that particular zone (door, sensor, switch etc.) after one hour. Passive arming must be selected for this feature to be enabled. Great if you leave your vehicle in a hurry and left it unsecured, Forced Passive Arming ensures you are protected always.
Ghost Switch
Ghost Switch is an innovative bypass method that sends a coded signal from an existing switch in the vehicle. Imagine you've lost your transmitter while the system is armed. With Ghost Switch, just turn on the ignition and operate the assigned switch the appropriate number of times to bypass the system. Now we have a security feature that doesn't require an extra switch and is very easy and convenient to use. No worries of a thief finding a valet/override switch in the vehicle, thanks to Ghost Switch. Please discuss with your installer.
Guaranteed Protection Plan (GPP)
Refunds your insurance deductible up to $2500 if your vehicle is stolen within one year, even if the vehicle is recovered! Terms and conditions on the GPP page.
High Security Disarm
This feature is extremely useful when you can't see the vehicle. If you hear the alarm sounding, you can be confident that when you stopped the siren with your remote, the system remained fully armed and the doors remained locked, just in case there is a continued threat.
Ignition-Controlled Door Locks
Automatically locks doors when ignition is turned on and unlocks them when ignition is turned off. This feature adds safety for vehicle occupants and increases security in threatening situations. It's great if you have kids! Requires Remote Keyless Entry-Power Door Lock interface.
Keyless Entry
Lock and unlock your doors with the push of a button. Millions of Americans have remote keyless entry. Shouldn't you?
Learn Routine
Installers use Learn Routine to learn your remotes to your system, so they are the only remotes that operate it. Most often programmed these days by the installer using a Bitwriter.
Lifetime Warranty
Directed's Lifetime Warranty and the 800 number on the back of your remote means you're covered wherever you go. Please read the details of the Warranty in your Owner's Guide.
Nuisance Prevention Circuitry
Nuisance Prevention Circuitry (NPC) is smart enough to adjust itself to a variety of environmental conditions such as thunder, jackhammers, or airport parking lots. If NPC activates, only the zone that activated three times in 60 minutes is ignored. All other zones remain active, and disarming with the transmitter doesn't reset the NPC; it's only cleared when the ignition is turned on. Best of all, NPC comes back on in an hour if no further problems are detected. No More False Alarms. Nuisance Provention Circuitry means no more false alarms, whether you're parked at the airport, on a busy street or next to a construction site.
Owner Recognition
Remote control transmitters are his/her compatible! So if you like siren chirps and she doesn't, you like ignition controlled door locks and she doesn't, or you like active arming and she likes passive, no problem. Using the Innovations Award-winning Bitwriter, up to four transmitters can be configured to control the system with independent settings. Technology not only answers today's needs; it continually redefines our perception of what is possible tomorrow. Our's ESP systems include 2 remotes, each can have their own settings! City/Country, Winter/Summer for example.
Panic/Car Locator
Panic means full alarm is activated with the push of a button, calling attention to the vehicle. It also can serve as a quick and easy way to find your vehicle in a crowded parking lot.
Parking Light Flash
Parking lights flash to confirm arm and disarm and other system commands - and also flash when the siren is sounding.
Passive Arming
When placed in this mode, the security system will arm itself 30 seconds after customer leaves the vehicle. Even if you forget to arm the system, passive arming will protect the vehicle from would-be thieves. This feature can be used in conjunction with power door locks and windows to fully secure the vehicle. See Active Arming.
Power Windows
Roll windows up or down directly from your remote. You will never forget to roll up your windows again. Additional parts or labor required - see your dealer for more information.
Progressive Door Trigger
Prevents users of the vehicle from any undue embarrassment and noise if they open the door without using their remote to disarm the system. It immediately delivers a series of chirps prior to the continuous siren blast. This provides enough time for the user to disarm the system.
Rapid Resume Logic
ESP technology is made possible by a sophisticated microprocessor, wich will store vital information even when system power is lost. Thanks to Rapid Resume Logic, the system will always know what it's supposed to do.
Remote Control Auxiliary Channels
Auxiliary channels on your Viper system can control optional remote control conveniences. Please discuss with your dealer - additional parts or labor may be required.
Remote Keyless Entry
Lock & unlock your doors with the push of a button. Additional parts or labor may be required.
Remote Start
Start your car by remote control from the comfort of your home or office.
Remote Valet
Where's the Valet switch? Locked away in the glove box! Open the vehicle's door and get in and out of Valet by pressing 1-2-1 on your remote. Remote Valet turns security off but leaves convenience on. You can turn off the system for servicing or valet parking directly from the remote control. Convenience by remote control: No more reaching for a switch installed in the vehicle.
Silent Mode
Silent Mode lets you silence your arming and disarming chirps, right from your remote. Now you hear it-now you don't! Great for late night arm/disarm.
Six-Tone Revenger Siren
It screams, shatters, pierces, blares, raps and zaps! And it has one more big sound: Customer satisfaction. The siren cycles through multiple tones, and by customizing, owners can easily identify their car's siren.
Soft Chirp
When arming or disarming, audible confirmation will chirp at 6dB lower than full siren. Now you can have the option of having muted or full chirps. Allows for custom tailoring of chirp sound level.
Status LED
Status LED flashes as a visual deterrent and to report on important security modes. Status Reporting alerts the operator to any violation that occurred while the vehicle was armed. Because the status LED consumes power, we maximize its efficiency by varying the LED flash rate and duty cycle, resulting in the most current-efficient product on the market. In Valet Mode, the LED will turn off when the ignition is on, another nice touch!
Stinger DoubleGuard Shock Sensor
The Stinger DoubleGuard Shock Sensor detects blows or impacts to your vehicle and discriminates between normal everyday occurrences and potentially harmful intrusions. Warn Away or full response depends on the threat.
Transmitter Code Linking (TCL)
With TCL, each driver's transmitter can be code-linked to an auxiliary channel. Picture this: Your memory seat setting can be activated because the system recognizes your remote! Not available on all systems - please discuss with your dealer.
Trunk Pop
Ask for the convenience of remote control trunk release. Additional parts or labor may be required.
Vehicle Recovery System (VRS)
The Vehicle Recovery System is the safest and most reliable anti-carjacking system on the market. Forces the carjacker to abandon your car within minutes. Not available on all systems - please discuss with your dealer.
Warn Away
Warn Away reacts with a series of chirps and light flashes when a light impact is detected. Warn Away delivers more accurate security, providing a response based upon the level of threat.

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